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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Don't Take Me!

No Don't Take Me, by the Blood Arm. Written on-the-spot on 20 April at the Atomic Cafe during some technical difficulties. Nathaniel later had sex with everyone in the audience. Top that Fall Out Boy.

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Luke said...

NO Take Me!

Hello TBA when are you coming back to the UK goddammit? Summer tour?

I would like to offer up my services as your UK mascot where I would be available to perform such duties as keeping Zachary's dreams alive so we all live forever; bathing Nathaniel daily and going to the store for more Beechams; embarrassing Zebastian by telling him every half an hour that I love his guitar on "Accidental Soul" and that he would look great as a Bremen postman; keeping Dyan entertained by repeatedly saying the word "Cunt" in an English accent while pouring more Merlot; and finally relieving Ben Lee from the merchandise store for an hour or so each night so he can make yet more adoring UK friends, drink more bourbon and get laid!

The offer is there TBA, love you always.

Luke x

5:08 AM  

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