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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Zachary Dreams of Lyon, Stuttgart, Cologne

Take a place you’ve never thought of going before. Lyon in France, for example. Or Stuttgart and Cologne in Germany. Now hop on a magical blue bus—one with a name: Air Force Fun—and go to all of these cities. See their sights, eat their food, drink their beer, have intercourse with their pets. Think to yourself, Man, there’s no way it could possibly get any better than this.

Then you see him there, sleeping. Dreaming. And this nagging feeling rises up inside you… or maybe it bites you in the shoulder and hits you in the head with a bottle.

What if this—the exotic locales, the exotic beers, the women, the wine, the bestiality—what if none of it’s real? What if all of this is his? What if it's all just Zachary’s Dream?

Please keep dreaming, handsome drummer prince. Keep dreaming…

I love you so much it hurts,

Ben Lee Handler

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