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Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Friend, My Friend... Lover?

Almost as soon as we were all reunited in London, the beatings began. After about six hours in the Goth Pub--which is so Goth persons not wearing all black are turned away at the door--drinking Goth Juice (cider and blackcurrant--it looks like BLOOD) we caught our dear friends Pull Tiger Tail play at the Forum, then hurried to the Barfly to afterparty, then finally to Keith Top of the Pop's house to after after party.

Things we've learned about ourselves and the world at large:

-No matter what anyone says, Nathaniel can knock you out of your chair.

-Mikey from Art Brut parties harder than anyone.

-Zachary is a Sleepy Tiger Cub.

-Inside the deepest, darkest recesses of Zebastian's soul, there lives a tiny city, and the city's mayor is an absolut tyrant.

-I am a bonafide homosexual.

I love you (in a totally gay way),

Ben Lee

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Blogger joe said...

hey guys...

i have found you on the web. after trying to remember wat ben lee was saying searched blood run, blood red, red run, red rum, bloody mary, blood blood, then, different tact.. ben lee blood...WINNER!

jus wanted to say a larger than regular cheers to you idea if youd remember this or not but on the friday night me (joe) and my friend emma came over to 'keith top of the pop's'(?!) house in camden to the 'after after party' from camden barfly with you as we'd missed our train...and took great pleasure of a cold beer in the warmth of a luxurious london apartment before returning to wait at kingsX til 7am for our train home. so yea, nice one, i intend to come and check out the blood arm some time soon as i cant help but feel like i have in someway played a part in the amazing tale of your unprecedented success.

also, after chris had showed us out, we got lost and tried to find our way back, only to knock on the wrong door at 4am and wake a middle aged man wearing quite a thick towelling robe. thankfully he was quite well mannered.

anyway, thanks again chris / ben lee / blood arm.

take it easy.


PS see the lakers had pulled it back by 4thQ but lost out in OverTime. gutted. ps mail me where i can get on the guest list to a gig or something at joeadamfry (at)

6:58 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

When I read this, my heart literally swells with pride that I was a part of something so beautiful. The day I give birth to my first child and hold it in my arms, I will have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that, yeah, this is great and all, but how 'bout that time me and Mikey covered Zach in tinfoil.

6:34 AM  

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