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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Little Sausage is Well Prepared

Remember how I told you yesterday that Little Sausage could build an amp from gravel and tinder sticks? Well that’s absolutely true. There he is below, proving me right.

Oh yes, we’ve just discovered that Tony’s given name is actually ‘Little Sausage.’ (The ‘Tony’ came about when children in primary school nicknamed him ‘Pepperoni,’ which was later amended to ‘Peppertony,’ then finally abbreviated to ‘Tony.’) We’ve decided to go with what his parents gave him, and roll on with Little Sausage.

Little Sausage has had an instant impact on the My Friend, my friend… Lover? Tour, which was witnessed en force last night in Liverpool.

For starters, he created a new bass drum head for Zachary:

Then he helped me determine a topic for my introduction:

Then he broke this guy’s arm when he tried to throttle Nathaniel:

Then he dried the singer’s tears and gave him a special medal for being so brave during the ordeal:

The show—minus the violence—was great, as was the afterparty at the Jazz bar, where Tord from the Wombats’ younger sister and her entourage proved to be the best dancers I have ever seen ever.

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler

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