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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Caen Can

And then we traveled to Caen.

Caen is a place of mystical forests, wonderous beasts, and magical sausage.

Actually, it's not just the sausage in France that's magical. Don't get me wrong--the UK knows how to feed a band--but in France they really take it to another level. Like, we get off the bus and there's cheese, bread, meats, candy, pudding and wine already set out for us. We think, okay stomachs, take on what you can now, because it's never going to be this good again. But then after soundcheck, not only is it that good again, but they add quiche and pastries. It's better than lunch. And then they take us to dinner.

So I'm getting fat, basically.

The show was fantastic... look at those lights!

We had so much fun in Caen that we let its citizens give us free local beer on our way out.

Your welcome, Caen! It was delicious!

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Caen for this great show ! !
Come on ! !
Few people but big noise ! ! ! !

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we got more pics from this show?????????????????

7:08 AM  
Anonymous *Audrey said...

Caen is beautiful, but Nice is a better place xD I hope you will come here next time because I can't travel to see you :(
I love you guys ! (and girl :) )

9:48 AM  

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