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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bristol Beecham's Fuck You; Brutality in London

In Bristol, we invented the Bristol Beecham’s Fuck You*. This took us on a supernatural journey on a supernatural boat. Or something.

No, the boat was real.

As was my subsequent marriage to a child bride.

Then we were in London, and it was brutal. Nathaniel raped and pillaged a lot.

(Bristol brought out the pirate in the singer, and it hasn’t washed off yet—he hasn’t bathed in a while.)

Honestly, I can’t really remember what happened after the show—Beecham’s—but I woke up at Keith Top of the Pops’ house, so the night must have ended there.

We’re in France now, bonjour!, stay tuned for regular updates!

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler


One part Beecham's All-In-One.
Two parts Jack Daniel's Premium Whiskey.

Mix and enjoy!

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