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Monday, April 09, 2007

Let The River Run...

Can anyone confirm that the Carly Simon Easter Special did indeed actually happen on BBC Radio 2 yesterday, and that it wasn’t some shared hallucination aboard Air Force Fun on the road from Manchester to Nottingham? (I’m fairly convinced the talking candy bar didn’t exist, and the midget waving from the roadside seems a little unlikely, but the Carly Simon show was so hauntingly real. And it was totally about us. Sorry.)

I should probably mention that this stuff has become my new life’s blood:

Not only does it cure common colds, headaches, nausea and pregnancy, it also makes life taste good again. The colors… so savory to the touch! Like, I can taste them by touching them! Red is strawberry, blue is boysenberry, the orange is mango... Beecham’s All In One is All For Fun, and I’m never gonna come down again.

We’ve been to Cardiff, Manchester and Nottingham in the past few days.

In Cardiff someone wrote the word “Penis” on the air conditioner,

in Manchester Laura and Alan gave us even more facial hair,

and in Nottingham Zachary got fucked.

Nottingham also witnessed what I’ve officially dubbed The Best The Blood Arm Show Ever. Hopefully someone else will blog about it, because my fingers are tired.

This is what Nathaniel looked like at the end:

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I can confirm that the Carly Simon thingy did indeed happen... unless I was unwittingly sharing the hallucination remotely.

Thanks for a great show in Manchester. T.B.A. always surpass expectations.

Kisses. xx

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Nottingham gig definetly in my opinion was one of The Blood Arms best (for Nottingham anyway). Although Rescue Rooms wasn't packed unlike Social gigs previous, The Blood Arm were on form. Hit after hit, everything was sweet in sound and form. Nathaniel was as arobatic as ever, the rescue rooms proving to be his play ground, with the rest of us kids watching in awe. Overall, good fun. Ben Lee i do hope you found your hotel after the shenanigans at the social. Cheers and come back again :-)

11:12 AM  

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