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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Glasgow Kisses, Birmingham Ghosts

Glasgow is a very beardly city. Look at all this facial hair:

For those of you not in the know, there is a citywide law that actually prohibits shaving for the duration of the spring. Something about it being bear season (hear that Grandmaster B?), or rabbit season, or the season of the resurrection, or the wheat harvest, or the beer harvest…

Anyway, the lovely Rory, the freshly coiffed Graham (aka Dolby Anol), and our Franzy friends led us into quite a debauched evening, one which I entirely blacked out. Thankfully—or regrettably—Dyan had enough presence of mind to snap a few pics for posterity.

I was in such a daze by the time we reached Birmingham that I was almost completely oblivious to the fact that the Barfly audience had an (un)healthy contingent of ghosts. Like, seriously. That place is built on a morgue. Creepy.

Alright, I'm tired, and Leeds awaits.

I love you all, passionately.

Ben Lee Handler

Oh yes! We must help my friend and disciple Johnny Spunkhands come up with a new nickname. Such a handsome man deserves a handsome stage name... Any suggestions are welcome!

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Anonymous Jonathan said...

Well, you were complaining to me about the lack of comments on your blog so here you go! Blood arm in King tuts was without doubt the best gig I've been to in a long time. I honestly cannot think of a more attention grabbing name than Johnny Spunkhands, an MC with such a name, I feel, is one to be reckoned with indeed. I also wish to communicate to you Mr Ben Lee Handler, how awesome i thought your white shoes were! Rock on!

I love you in the biblical sense
Jonathan xxx

10:45 AM  
Blogger paulag said...

how about
1. crunchy
2. huero (cause he's like blonde-well really a redhead)
3. 3 fingers hahahahhahaa
4. el smiley (u know like you sayit in echo park).
5. huero
6. huero

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Johnny S said...

Jonathan, finally an understanding soul. Yes JS is a name and indeed a character to be reckoned with, if not be more than wary of.

Paulg, while I thank you for your fascinating efforts, I must point out that I have not one red hair on my muscled and toned body or indeed brain bulging head. Alas one is a bold brunette who has suffered from the low level camera technology BLH utilises!!! But merci for the others - however Johnny S will remain the monicur for the time being.......BLH is a jealous lad methinks!!!

5:06 AM  
Anonymous RG said...

Having been at the birth of Johnny S, i am saddened to hear that our adopted son would consider changing his official title. Also paulag, you should not mock his missing finger, he lost it in a terrible encounter with a mandible of instant death!

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up my Jewish bitch! So, do you really suck those guys from Franz Ferdinand dicks? Some guy told me and I don't think that is right at all. That is so mean. What I want you to do is call this sick motherfucker and tell him off. Please do it for me :-(. Ask for David, okay ;-).
Here is his #:(561)-856-7229.
Bye, bye sweetheart!
Kisses xoxo.

8:42 PM  

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