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Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh, Austin

March 17- I came to Texas expecting rodeos and BBQs that served whole sides of cows, but thus far it has only been beauty salons, vegetarian restaurants, and designer jeans. We began the day at an early party for Spaceland (yes, of Los Angeles), and Heidi (the promoter for the event) had arranged it so that all attending could have their nails and makeup professionally attended to. Never ones to pass up anything free, Zach had his eyes done-up not unlike Adam Ant, and I had my fingernails painted a lovely cream.

Now I am in no way opposed to men wearing an excess of makeup, but there is a difference between men painting their eyes during the bright of the day and when men paint themselves shielded under the veil of night. At night, the cosmetic parlays an aura of mystery and intrigue--onlookers whisper, "from where did this mysterious and intriguing individual come, it must be known to me!" In the daytime, however, it is quite clear that the painted gentleman has something all over his face. So those of us in Zachary’s presence had the unique privilege of witnessing him metamorphosize from a fool with stuff all over his face into the sinister nighttime being of wanton sexiness we all know and love. (Painted fingernails, on the other hand, are always ridiculous.)

Oh, the details! After gigs at the Spaceland party and the Diesel store, we managed to catch sets by the Kaiser Chiefs, Louis XIV, and the Futureheads, then we swung by DKNY party just in time to see Queens of the Stone Age. Brilliant!

There are pictures from yesterday’s Zane Lowe session on the BBC1 website, we’ll link it on the website shortly.


-Ben Lee


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