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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's not easy being green..

It has recently come to my attention that somewhere on the internet, someone has blown up my picture from the NME interview with Franz and positioned it next to one of Kermit the Frog. Apparently we look quite similar. Oddly enough, people have told me on numerous occasions that my voice is easily mistakable for the muppet's as well. If only persons would understand... Inside this frog's body lives a lovely prince.

The Blood Arm show at Club Trash at The End went extremely well. It was a Monday night gig, and a good deal of the patronage were gnashing their teeth about as if they had been on some illegal substance since the beginning of the weekend, but their love for the band was quite obvious (especially from the gent who clamped himself around Nathaniel's waist during one of the singer's forays into the crowd). Our friends from Sons and Daughters showed up with their producer Victor Van Vugt, and though they swore they'd charge the stage to sing along with Nathaniel for the chorus to "All The Girls," they chickened out when push came to shove. (They more than made up for it in kisses and hugs after the set.) (Are all these parenthesis bothering you? Please, let me know and I'll cut it out.)

Tonight's gig was a bit more reserved due to the large number of "industry" people in the audience, but hopefully they're now in love with The Blood Arm and will pay the bills someday so I shouldn't complain. The band still put on an astouding show, and by the end of the evening even the tightest of suits were tapping their feet, wanting it all of the time. Quit Your Day Job, a band from Sweden with a Devo-esque hardcore sound to them opened the show. The keyboardest stripped his shirt of mid-set and spun about like a top. Then the singer announced, "this song is about finding money in the street." The only lyrics to the ditty were, "look, a dollar!" Fucking brilliant.

One of the highlights of BLOOD AMBITION 2005 has to be our discovery of a band called The Budget Girls. They're two ladies who sing novelty songs in the vein of The Headcoatees about hot dogs and scientists and monkey roommates who toss their nuts. We listen to them first thing every morning in the van. It's like a cup of coffee.

Speaking of waking up in the morning, it's 4am and we head out to Leeds in a few hours, so I best be falling asleep while there's still time. Until next time...

-Ben Lee


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