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Sunday, February 20, 2005


It's four in the morning here, and we have an early wake up call tomorrow so I will be somewhat brief. More detailed entries will come about in the future, I promise:

16th- saw The Tears (ex-Suede) and The Dead Sixties perform at Astoria... brilliant!

17th - show at ULU... brilliant!
after party at bizarre gentlemen's club... brilliant.
after after party in hotel lobby... brilliant.
after after after party in Zeb, Zach, and my room... brilliant!

18th- hangover... not so brilliant.
caught a Graham Coxon show... brilliant!

19th- matinee at Brixton Academy with The Killers... brilliant!
new Sons and Daughters song overheard while visiting their mixing session with Victor Van Vugt... brilliant!
evening show at Brixton Academy with The Killers.. brilliant!
Zeb pushing me off the bed at 6am... not so brilliant.

20th- sleeping in... brilliant!

Tomorrow afternoon is the Lamaq show, listen in if you can!

-Ben Lee


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