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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What you find behind the label will drive you wild!

We're heading to Leeds in a few minutes for the first of five shows away from London. Tour Manager Ryan had to quit on us for a doctor's appointment, so his associate Andy will be handling the driving. We'll miss Ryan dearly, and hope his kidneys turn out to be less-than infected.

My article ran today in the G2 section of the Guradian on page ten under the heading "The Jane Fonda of Rock." Check it out if you can, and there will be a link up on the website soon enough for those of you stateside.

Dyan, Nathaniel, and myself went out for lunch this afternoon, and Dyan ordered a bottle of Perrier with her meal. Printed on top of the bottle's logo was a painting of a fifties-looking pin-up girl bending backwards over the 'r's. On the side it read: "What you find behind the label will drive you wild!" So, of course, we looked behind the label... And the woman was painted fully naked! For all the guff we Americans give the Brits about being stiff, they sure know how to make drinking bottled water exciting.

Until next time...

-Ben Lee


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