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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Baby Boy

Come midnight, our baby boy Zachary is another year older. His hobbies include sex and drugs if you want to give him anything.

Wish him well!

-Ben Lee


Anonymous Claire Sabel said...

Happy Birthday Zach!
Happy sex and drugging as well. ha.
Might as well just ad- love the Blood Arm. I have raved about them to almost everybody I know, who pre-incessant-ranting-from-claire were unaware of your existence... but now your famous! I swear to god... Am so so sad I didnt get to see you when you came to London. I was awaaaay and returned to discover the wonderfullness that was the Blood Arm had passed me by :(
yes well... thats all for now. X

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Michael Underhill said...

Dear Blood Arm,
Firstly happy birthday Zach! I have to say i really like the blood arm and all the stuff you do. I saw you at the killers gig and it was great - Nathaniel kissed my ear - doubt he remembers tho - and me and some friends were singing 'i like all the girls and all the girls like me' all the way home and practically every day since then. Then i had tickets for the bravery and i didnt realise you were supporting and i was over the moon you might say. Great set again, and i managed to get a set list and a drumstick and i bought teh demo cd after the gig as well. i was well upset cos it didnt have 'i love all the girls' on it - i was wondering if you could possibly send me a copy? if thats alright. i wouldnt sell it or distribute it on kazaa or anything - im not that sort of person. you can read my blog if you want - a true fan. anyways continue writing good music and all. Michael.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Claire said...

Haha... listen to him, all honest and stuff... *Maybe* you could use your internetly knowlege to post some sort of link which would enable us ALL to hear the song because if just Mu got it I would be very jealous and probably start throwing things. Mmm...continue blogging please, we love your band so!

12:42 PM  

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