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Friday, March 25, 2005


For the record, I am not the Australian pop star Ben Lee, I am Benjamin Lee Handler, Jewish Theologian and Master of Ceremonies for the Blood Arm. (There has been a bit of confusion as of late.) I adopted the abbreviation and conjunction of my given names in elementary school due to the large number of Benjamins in my class, and clung to it through the years because of the snappy twist my middle moniker adds to the first. My Lee transforms my Ben into an adverb, and sudden lee I am "very Ben," or "Ben to the max!"

I actually met the Australian Ben Lee at SXSW last weekend. Believe me, I am way cooler.

-Ben Lee

Oh! If you are in Los Angeles tonight (Friday) check out our friends the We Are Scientists early at Silver Lake Lounge, and the Mall at El Cid tomorrow (Saturday). You will not be disappointed!


Anonymous AP said...

I kid you not, I almost bought tickets to see who I thought was you at the Troubadour. I didn't quite know what you would do since I didn't know you sang or anything, but I figured it would be fun anyways. My friend cleared it all up as she made fun of me for not knowing the truth... I cried a little.

11:24 PM  

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