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Thursday, July 26, 2007

How We Roll: The Death Star

See that guy above? The one with the 'stache? That's Ed Stringfellow, he books our tours. Sometimes he gets a little rough. We like it rough. When he says Innsbruck, Austria to Paris to Wiesen, Austria in three days, in that order, we say, please master, may we have some more? We get off on this sort of thing.

Of course, we have a little help getting it up along the way--a fluffer, so to speak. This is where the DEATH STAR comes in. The DEATH STAR is our big blue bus, the lubrication to make the hardships of the road slide along a little more smoothly.

Check it out:

That's what she looks like from the outside.

Here are her innards:

So yeah, that's how we got around for the past few weeks... on the backs of alcohol and DVDs and a big blue bus.

A full tour synopsis is coming shortly.


Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bus... bus.. zoom... zoom... xoxo

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