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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Thunderstorm of AWESOME

See Zachary down there? No? Look a little closer, that's him right in the center. Still no?

Well this is what he looks like up close:

Oh yes, I forgot to mention... We opened for MUSE the other night at the Nimes Arena in France. (That's Matt and Dominic with Zach above.) It was the best night of our lives, basically.

Stuff happened after that, as well. A unicorn. A parking lot. A thunderstorm on Zebastian's clothes.

No one's gonna take me alive,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous bendibidu said...

hey ! I was there, I didn't know the blood arm but I think it has been pretty cool ! Halelujah :)

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there too! Congratulations for the show. you were awesome!!
You have one more fan in shouth of France! ;)
See you soon in Nimes!

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I was there me too, and you're show was so awesome! I didn't see you near the scene v_____v but I would like to talk with you (you're so energic). See you soon in Nimes (please come on there) =D

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been there too ! thank you for the show. You had all my attention !
Come back soon.

3:25 AM  

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