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Friday, July 06, 2007

Paris is Sexy and Underage

We went to Paris to play one of the fashion week parties. Something about diamond bracelets by Cartier--we weren't given any free samples. Everyone in attendance was young and sexy, or old and sexy pretending to be young and sexy, or too young and sexy pretending to be post-puberty. It was all very confusing. And arousing.

We met our European labelmates Second Sex for the first time. We knew they were all seventeen, nineteen at the oldest. Yet they walked up to all of us and immediately began kissing us with tongue. We thought, SCORE! Then we thought, but they can't be older than nineteen, is this wrong? And then they they started French kissing everyone else in the room and it made us so jealous, then angry with ourselves for being so jealous over a bunch of young boys that we had to sit in the corner for ten minutes with bags over our heads just to calm down. Then we went and tried to kiss them with tongue again, or at least find some other fourteen year-olds pretending to be seventeen to get off with. Paris makes us crazy, and we totally love it.

Today we drove to Liege in Belgium where we're going to perform at a festival tomorrow. On the way, we happened into the official theme park for Asterix and Obelix, cartoon characters that Yiannis (our lovable Grecian Sound Technician) always talks about, and we had always assumed were figments of his imagination (he smokes a lot of weed). Yiannis had the last laugh, but then everyone's a winner at the Official Astrix theme park.

I love the shit out of you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Audrey said...

Aha Paris is the best town ever :D

Thanks guy, love you!

11:55 PM  
Anonymous danich said...

...French kiss...second had fun in Paris hein? :D héhé
see you soon in Paris guys !! i miss you :p !

11:15 AM  

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