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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Intentional Accidentalism; Glastonbury, Southside Festival

We make a lot of mistakes on the road. We say 'whoops' a lot. But after about the 30,000,000th 'whoops,' one starts to wonder if all these mistakes are really mistakes. Like, every time we say, "okay, no more service station sandwiches," we get drunk and eat a service station sandwich. Or every time we say, "okay no more adopting pet rodents at venues and keeping them in our suitcases," we get drunk and do just that. Or every time we say, "okay, no more throwing dead identical twins boys into the river after we lure them into the van with candy and have our way with them," we get drunk and lure identical twin boys into the van with candy, have our way with them, throttle them in their sleep and throw them into the river. Whoops.

It says a lot about us, I think, that we always wind up doing the things we say we don't want to do. Three things, specifically: First, we are ashamed of a good portion of our desires. Second, we use alcohol as an excuse to do the things we are ashamed to do. Third, we get away with doing the shit we would be ashamed to do at home on the road. And this is just one of the reasons why touring is totally awesome.

Some shit we are definitely NOT ashamed of:

- Nathaniel, Zachary, Zebastian and I taking three different airlines and stopping in two different countries before we are finally reunited with Dyan, Tour Manager Chalkie, and Sound Tech Yiannis in London.

- Performing in front of perhaps the biggest crowd the Blood Arm has ever performed before at the Glastonbury Festival.

- Nathaniel forgetting half of the lyrics to his songs at the Southside Festival in Germany.

- Our love of the chunnel.

- Zebastian's newfound love for girlie ice cream bars.

Now Chalkie is in the middle of our 500 mile drive to Bremen, and the others are working on some identical twin boys they lured into the van at the last service station... time for me to get drunk and join in!

I love you madly,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah!!! you did a great show, love it!!! thanks for rocking southside!!! manu

2:54 AM  

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