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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Every Day is the Greatest Day Ever

Every day is the Greatest Day Ever for the Blood Arm on this Second Helping Desired, Required 2007 European Tour.

We went to Dortmund, Deutchland the other day and did a show, drank the German beer, German-kissed the German people, said to ourselves, it can't get any better than this, hopped on our big blue bus and waved goodbye with tears of longing in our eyes. Thanks for the memories, we whispered, then prayed in our bunks for some mishap in the cosmic time continuum that would allow us to relive that day over and over for the rest of our lives.

Instead, our big blue bus took us to St. Tropez on the French Riviera. We were given golden all-access tickets which not only entitled us to drinks on the beach, but jet skiing and golf-carting as well. We went jet-skiing. We worked on our tans. We made love with each other in the sand, and, almost miraculously, the coarse granules didn't get everywhere. The show took place fifty feet from the beach. We kissed the ground and crossed ourselves, convinced we had died and gone to heaven. Heaven is in St. Tropez, we said, please let this be our eternity.

Then we woke up on a stage in front of 25,000 dancing people next to Lake Aix-Les-Bains at the Musilac Festival. We schmoozed with Frank Black, oogled a topless Johnny Borrell, stood in awe of Muse (perhaps one of the best live bands we have ever seen, and definitely Zachary's favorite group), and were serenaded by Mumm-Ra on the way to the bus.

Okay, this is getting sort of ridiculous, we said. Then this morning we woke up in Paris...

I love you a little more every day,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Cobalt Orange said...

I have never listened to you guys and I come to your concert and BAMN! Im standing there listening to all these fucking amazing songs. I was at the musilac festival and u guys were the best there. Screw everyone else. I dont care much for the muse, or frank black with his *KILL THAT FUCKING FISH!!!* attitude. You guys are bloody awsome!!!

8:53 AM  
Blogger NoĆ©mie said...

Hello !!!
I was to musilac at aix les bains and I saw The blood arm and Muse and it was very very very very good !! It was the most beautiful day of my life !!!!
I like the blood arm and muse !!!

8:36 AM  

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