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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Obstwiesen Festival is Possessed by Devil, Wholly Embraces The Blood Arm

We should have known when the sign of the beast appeared on Zachary's new snare head yesterday that the Obstwiesen Festival was going to be special, but we carried on like it would just be a regular day on the job. It WAS NOT a regular day on the job.

First, a savage appetite overtook us, and we ate the lovely Au Revoir Simone for dinner.

They were delicious. Normally we would feel a tad guilty after such a binge, but the feast filled us with a curious rage and all-enveloping horniness. We were very horny.

When this happens under ordinary circumstances, we usually find the nearest member of the Hidden Cameras and take him in the angry demon position.

Things weren't that different from usual, I guess. But after we were finished, there was still something to be desired--one might say our horniness was superhuman. We needed something to absolve this, and we needed it BAD. Then out of nowhere, lo and behold, our hero appeared.

It was just the miracle we were praying for.

We're in Briouze, France now, and I'm off to drink more...

With eight arms to hold you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous CĂ©lia said...

Muahahaha, it's Zach the superhuman xD

2:55 AM  

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