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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jarvis Cocker. Also, Europe.

So first things first... We're in Europe. So far we've partied, performed, and partied some more in Paris, performed, partied, and partied some more in Zurich, then Munich, then Dresden, and now Berlin. If you're keeping track, that's a lot of partying, and our livers doth protest! (Do we listen to our livers? Never! Are the whites of our eyes growing yellower and yellower? Always!)

Here's a brief, city-by-city rundown of the events that have transpired on our European tour thus far, minus those involving hospital vists and violent neck lice infections.


After performing at the fabulous Les InRocks festival with the Automatic, Emmanuel, owner and visionary behind our European label, Because, (who sometimes performs under the name Serge Gainsbourg--you may have heard of him) had some very special Parisian surprises for us.

For one, we got to party with our European labelmate, Jarvis Cocker.

For two, we got to party with our European labelmate, Jarvis Cocker.

Additionally, Emmanuel enabled us to party with our European labelmate, Jarvis Cocker.

We also DJ-ed under close supervision of Emmanuel's right-hand woman and superstar club DJ Marie,

performed at the Virgin Megastore directly underneath the Louvre,

found a giant poster with the album cover on it,

and partied with the fabulous Pipettes.

And how can I forget... We acquired a tour bus for the European leg of the tour. Her name is Charlotte.

Then Charlotte took us to Zurich:

We performed at the Hafenkneipe, which apparently means awesome drunken time in German. Our new best friends Ollie, Roger, and Richie ensured we had a good time and drank well. Also, they taught me how to bartend.

(I call that one the Cock Vomit.)

This is the point where my camera ran out of space and my computer ran out of batteries. Please trust that the following day, we did go wine tasting on a grouping of boats in Lake Zurich, that we did actually drink a fuckload of tasty wines, and that Nathaniel and Dyan were actually arrested on charges of wine terrorism, only to be released after Dyan destroyed the evidence.

Things we've done in Germany, with marginal photo documentation:

-Drank too many liters of beer.

-Ate too many Bratwurst. (Including yours truly, who for ten years has fancied himself a vegetarian. This prompted too many hours of puking shortly thereafter.)

-Been kicked out of famous Hof Braus in Munich.

-Watched the film DIG! approximately 300 times on the bus.

Now we're in Berlin with a recharged computer and a camera with ample space, so please check in often for more frequent updates.

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gnokay, you KNOW that i WORSHIP jarvis. i always say, jarvis cocker, jesus christ, same initials, no coincidence. i'm in the the throws of loving his new disc and nearly fell off my chair when i saw the blood arm/jarvis pics. i miss you like crazy ben lee. i am okay. busy as hell. hurry back, i can't live without you. and give j.c. a big smooch from me if you see him again. oh, did i mention that i just got ALL the pulp reissues and they are STELLAR!?


9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you live life

this year I give thanks for the TBA!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous cock vomit said...

take cock vomit to the U.S. and use it wisely. we didn't realise it was a real thing btw. we thought we were being dead clever when we made it up.

sara x x

8:43 AM  

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