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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Glasgow Party; Zachary Pukes on Himself

First things first: Nathaniel’s bag went missing the evening of 26 October in Glasgow. This is the bag in question.

Although the two were having personal differences at the time of its disappearance, Nathaniel now wants the parcel back, and swears to never ever let it out of his sight again. The bag contains certain irreplaceable personal items of the singer, and the loss has been devastating. Rewards for its return include free admission to every the Blood Arm show for life for the bag’s finder plus a guest, plus a certain to-be-disclosed monetary reward. Please email with any information that may lead to its whereabouts.

Now a brief explanation for how this separation came to be: There are fireworks in Scotland every time we pass the sign that says “Welcome to Glasgow.” (Not literally. There is no sign that says “Welcome to Glasgow” as one enters the city, and I don’t think foreigners are allowed to carry fireworks in Scotland, either.) But a good time is pretty much guaranteed from the second the town is added to our itinerary.

After the show (which was phenomenal), our dear friends from the Matchsticks (formerly known as the Flying Matchstick Men), Sons and Daughters, and Franz Ferdinand took us to the Capitol Karaoke Bar, where Zachary only relinquished the microphone long enough for people to sing the first few lines of the songs that they requested. (For the record, Zachary can sing very well.) From there, the whole of our massive party reconvened with the fabulous lads and lasses of Au Revoir Simone and We Are Scientists at the Art School Bar for some more heavy drinking, from where—and from here on everything is only alleged—we went to two more house parties and Dyan met a dude from Snow Patrol.

When I awoke in the morning, Zachary was being delivered to our hotel lobby in a police car, Nathaniel had a bloody head, and the singer’s bag was missing.

This is what Zachary looked like in the van on the way to the ferry to Belfast the following morning. Try to guess what that is on his legs. Also, try to guess if he still wearing those trousers today, two days after whatever it was happened on them.

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. That’s vomit on his legs, and yes, he is still wearing those trousers. This was about the point where Iannis, our Greecian sound technician (who will soon be given a blog entry all his own), began referring to the drummer as it.

The ferry to Belfast was well fast, and now we are sitting in the dressing room, waiting for the show to begin.

Au Revoir for now,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Neil said...

I knew it was Franz on the balcony. Great show on Thursday, you guys were better than WAS which is saying something. I was waiting for Suspicious Character the whole set and when the opening drums started me and my mates went crazy, I was the one wearing a pink and blue hooped polo if that makes any difference. What were the band on before you called? The girl on the right was stunning. Anyway, bravo, I'll be seeing you at Tut's in November.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss you guys! DaniaXXX

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, I KNEW you were cheating on me. I guess that makes us even.



2:52 PM  
Anonymous Jes said...

a bloody head or hand? he was bleeding over everyone at the gig on monday!I got some blodd yeah!! haha!
But great gig, got a poto with every1 invluding you too ben!!ha

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i leave my big sausage thing in your van? it wasa good night indeed. see you guys in november. rory. x

3:19 AM  

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