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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DETOUR Fest; Good Will Hunting; A Miss Carriage of Justice

A full synopsis of what I can remember of our DETOUR festival experience coming soon as well as a few words from 'Suspicious Character' video director and Lie Lover Lie co-producer David Kleiler... if you have any pictures of the festival - preferably of us at the festival - please email them to All photographers will be duly credited, and karmically paid via seven years great sex. Also, good will.

A tangent: Is 'Good Will Hunting' not the most obnoxious title for a film ever? Who exactly is hunting for good will in that movie? Certainly not Will Hunting, the main character. He doesn't want anything to do with anyone trying to help him, except for the love interest. He's not that 'good' either. Why not just call it 'Horny Will Hunting,' or 'Lonely Will Hunting,' or 'Will Hunting Not Living-Up to His Potential?' It'd be a lot more honest... but then maybe Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon and co. aren't really after honesty? Maybe they just really want to make overly-sentimental films with stupid titles? (Or maybe they intended it to be, like, all the people in the movie are hunting for the good in Will. Or something?)

A pitch: a romantic drama titled 'A Miss Carriage of Justice,' about a widower named Miss Carriage living in the town of Justice, South Carolina. Morgan Freeman, or some other noble looking old guy, can court her.

Morgan Freeman: Care for a stroll through the park, Miss Carriage? It's a lovely day for a stroll.

Miss Carriage: I'd love to, Mister Freeman. It's always a nice day for a stroll in our tiny town of Justice, South Carolina.

Of course, the town would be filed with quirky characters; the neighbor who is always inventing wacky Rube Goldbergian contraptions that almost work (Robin Williams could play this guy), a few merry, mischevious-yet-loveable young boys who are always blowing up mailboxes and stealing Miss Carriage's pies, the young mother with the cheating salesman husband who occassionally beats her (Miss Carriage will eventually take the woman and child into her home and give the evil man a piece of her mind)... it has Oscar written all over it.

How's about some audience participation here? Please list your favorite stupid movie titles in the comment section below while you're waiting for the DETOUR synopsis, and, you know, living your life.

(Does this post read a bit too much like the Edith Bowman show on Radio 1? Sorry, I'm a little addicted.)

I love you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Blogger Royal Tears said...

Misscarriage of Justice is the only movie I want to see, no more forever.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Corny said...

hahaha this post is pretty hilarious. "Farewell My Concubine" makes me want to pull my skin off.
ben lee my phone was dead and I couldn't call you from the road on Thursday, I got held up in f*ckenboston. I'm sorry I missed you.
Please forgive...

6:46 PM  

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