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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Blood Arm is Very Popular in the UK

Here is a quickie, as it is the Labor Day holiday in the USA today, and anything remotely resembling work is punishable by death. (If the FBI is reading this right now, trust that I am enjoying mountains of bar-b-que as I type.)

-'Suspicious Character' is #7 this week on the NME chart show on MTV2 in the UK. Help it to #1 by requesting it here.

-Zane Lowe has declared 'Suspicious Character' "Single of the Week." (There should be some proof of this here, though where exactly on the site one can't be sure.) We're honored!

-Caption contest winners will be posted tomorrow, so sit tight!

Below is a video of Zachary and myself performing Primal Scream's 'Country Girl' to keep you company while you are sitting tightly.

I love you.

-Ben Lee


Anonymous Charlotte said...

I hope people say nice things about my cup :)

Uhh, I want to come to bowling alley show but I caaaan't; I cry. STRIIIKE!! though.


12:55 PM  
Anonymous fraser said...

Xfm Scotland loves you the most - and if you don't come in to speak to us when you are in Glasgow on the 19th we'll hunt you down and tell the police you were smoking indoors. And you'll get a £50 fine. Bet you're scared now huh?

fraser x

1:27 PM  
Blogger Vivren said...

Super cute video. The paper roll is key.

Love your music. Can't wait for the release date!! Anyway I can get an advance copy?? :)


3:37 PM  

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