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Monday, September 18, 2006

Pre-Tour Party Ejaculations

I'm told London is supposed to be foggy and rainy, but it seems that every time we've been here it's sunny and pleasant. Either global warming is real, or everyone I know is a liar. (My guess: it's the latter.) Regardless, the sublime weather enabled us to go on a 48 hour drinking binge with our dear friends Chris, Kristina, Dania, Michael, Cat, and a few 18 year-old whose names I can't recall. The debauchery was so immense that it covered half the city, two hotel rooms, a game of frisbee on Primrose Hill, three apartments, and more pubs than one can even attempt to count. Between the six of us (Chalkie included), we took a 5,067,982 collective days off of our lives. (It remains to be seen whether or not Chalkie actually survived the weekend.) We had fun, basically.

Pictures coming as soon as the beautiful Chris Svensson emails them to me!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you there, me here. life is so unfair...

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Jamie said...


Came across this kinda by accident, but lo and behold, I get a mention!

By now Ben, you know me by my real name and I'm no longer an anonymous '18-year old'.

Hope all's well

Drop me an email at

See you on Tuesday hopefully.

Jamie x

7:34 AM  

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