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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


SThis message is relayed to you in Secret Code due to the highly-sensitive nature of the subject matter:

The Armblay will be performing a Upersay Secret etsay TONIGHT (6 September) at Acelandsplay at ten pm sharp!

(This is to celebrate the opening of Club NME in Los Angeles, and the presence of our dear friends the Grates.)

Don't tell anyone!

And apologies to everyone--especially Dan from SuperSweet--for the delay in posting the top entries in the caption contest... there are quite a few to sort through, and I've been drinking a lot lately.

Winners will be notified shortly!

I love you!

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Dan said...

Ben Lee,
You are a breath of hope and a beacon of light in these strange and shadowy times. And your excuse was very good.
Dan xxx

4:50 AM  

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