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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One Step Closer to the Edge...

My mother calls me on the phone, very excited.

“Ben Lee! Have you heard of the band Linkin Park?”

“Yes mother, they’re quite popular. Do you like them?”

“I’ve never heard of them, but I JUST MET THEIR GUITAR PLAYER!”

“How did this come about?”

“I was shopping at Nordstroms for a wedding present, and there were all these young girls crowding this young man and asking him for his autograph, so I went up and asked him why he was famous, and he said he was in Linkin Park! HE’S IN LINKIN PARK! Do you like them?”


“Then I asked him if he’s heard of the Blood Arm… HE’S HEARD OF THE BLOOD ARM!”

I was about to point out that this was probably just a brush-off to prevent an explanation of who the Blood Arm are, but she was so excited I just went with it. Now I’m praying my mother doesn’t translate her brush with fame into an actual affinity for Linkin Park’s music.

Thanksgiving would be a headache!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’ve compiled an incomplete list of things the members of the band are thankful for on this very American holiday.

Nathaniel: Whiskey.

Dyan: Wine.

Zebastian: Scotch.

Zachary: Alcohol.

(Everyone mentioned family, friends, and music, too, but hey! They’ve an image to keep up, for godsakes.)

Me, I’m thankful for everyone who reads this diary. Thank you for reading!

-Ben Lee


Blogger Abraham Thunderwolf said...

Ben Lee,
Got your comment on Thunderwolf Music. I would like to say some words about The Blood Arm, but unfortunately, I only stick to things that make me want to slit my wrists. Got any good leads? You're write up about Linkin Park has actually given me some inspiration. Speaking of Linkin Park, you need to see this website ( Thanks again for the phonie backstage passes you taint.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Brian (aka A. Thunderwolf)

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oddly enough.... I am very good friends with somebody who is very good friends with their drummer. I recently turned said friend on to TBA so it's QUITE possible. Not likely, but possible.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Lulumovie said...

ouaa!! i'm fond of Linkin Park!
and it's a very good thing that they heard about TBA!!

Long life to LP and TBA!!

1:30 PM  

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