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Friday, November 18, 2005

Last Night: Spoon! Tonight: Art Brut!

Inventory of exciting things you missed last night at the Wiltern (inventory is incomplete):

-Zachary's new beard!

-Dyan's red dress... So shiny! So sexy! So Rock!

-Zebastian... Dancing? Zebastian dancing!

-Nathaniel to audience: "SIT DOWN!"
Audience: "OK!"
(Audience sits.)

-Beer! Lots of beer!

-Zachary's new roommate, Winn (a.k.a. my replacement)... Bit by dog!

-Britt Daniels of Spoon... Very sexy pants!

-Spoon... Very sexy band!

-Beer! Lots of beer!

Tonight: We are going to see our very good friends the Adored perform with ART BRUT! Yesss!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ART BRUT! oh how i envy you. but i'll envy you even more if you go for arctic monkeys too.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Delara said...

Spoon show was amazing. i was so bummed that you guys were the fisrt band becuase i wanted to see more of The blood arm that night.
Me and my friend michelle were the only ones dancing like maniacs but it ws worth it.
the highlight was me dying of thirst and askin nathaniel for a sip out of his water expecting him to be like "ew coodies" but he was alright with it and saved my lfe.dancing can exaust you.
I cant belive the crowd sat down haha that was great

6:27 PM  
Anonymous wildchild said...

that sux.
i cant believe i missed the show.
i had no cash though.
but for sure ill see u guys next time.

2:35 AM  

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