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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pee-Wee's at the Cinema...

The competition was intense, but one entry shone brighter than all the others:

Dear Mr. Ben Lee,

Recently came across your contest on the Ambitious-Outsiders website and although I find this to be a rather interesting question, it is also strikingly easy. In order to disect they lyric, "Paul is always looking for love," one must examine not only the line itself, but also the context from which it is derived. This is obviously a reference to Paul Reubens and his memorable 1991 "movie" outing. The evidence is clearly provided in the surrounding lyrics:

"Karina is at the cinema
Paul is always looking for love
Nobody notices until somebody explodes."

Although I like the song the way it is, one must think that Nathaniel had a very difficult time choosing between "Nobody notices until somebody explodes," and "Nobody notices until somebody reaches the bottom of the popcorn."

Hope this helps answer your question.


Congratulations Mr. Grushkin, winner of two tickets for tomorrow night's show at the Witern.

Thank you to everyone who entered! (There are gifts for you as well, we just haven't figured out what they are yet.)

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous omar said...

i might see u tomorrow ben lee.
if i get the cash.

2:29 AM  
Anonymous paul Rocha said...

I thought I was always looking for love!!

2:30 PM  

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