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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shake It Real Good and Watch It Get Red Hot

Please excuse my negligence, but do not attribute it to laziness. No, myself and the Blood Arm have been anything but lazy. In fact, we have been incredibly busy. Busy! Busy as bees!

In addition to rocking the house at Spaceland with our dear, dear friends Sons and Daughters, and burning down the Troubadour with our dear, dear friends We Are Scientists on consecutive weekends, the lot of us have been filling our time with a variety of side projects.

Dyan and Nathaniel, after demonstrating the depths of their palates at an aftershow party to none other than Evelyn Montgomery Zagat III, have been hired to catalog the products of the finer wineries up and down Napa Valley for a new Zagat guide aimed at making fine wine accessible to a "younger, hipper generation." Though Mr. Zagat reportedly took some issue with their penchant for the adverb "jammy," things are going swimmingly.

Zach, for his part, has been working day and night as understudy to Adam Brody (a.k.a. Seth Cohen) for his role in the hit soap "The OC." Rumor has it that Brody is considering leaving the show after this season, but rather than killing his character off, the bigwigs at the FOX networks are priming Zachary to take over the character.

TBA's drummer is even even altering his appearance to look more like Brody. If one is to glance at Zachary from the side after he has jumped into the ocean wearing a dress-shirt and slacks, it's almost impossible to differentiate between he and the original Seth Cohen: It's starting to get a little freaky.

Zebastian insists he is growing older and wiser, but no one can confirm either of these claims.

And me, I've been manufacturing ideas. So many ideas. I am an idea machine. Here's a sampling of the shit I've been working on:

-American Apparel stores... Totally creepy.
-Vegetarianism... Not so healthy if you only eat cheese.
-Judaism... Way cooler than Christianity.

They keep coming and coming.

Now it's your turn. Tell me what you've been up to.



-Ben Lee

Oh! On a side note, Rocket From the Crypt played their last show on Halloween. They are one of my favorite bands ever. I will miss them dearly.

Double Oh! I added some links! Check them out! Especially Boadwee's blog 'cause he types about TBA!


Anonymous anna said...

yay jews! you were a wonderful sailor on sunday. blood arm were the highlight, i say. blood arm are brilliant!

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

American Apparel stores are not creepy Ben.

Is it the colors that scare you? Are they too happy for you???

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ben, i have seen you on multiple occasions in the short terrycloth shorts made by american apparel. plus, zach on the OC? wine guides? wisdom? give us another album!

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Maria "Tex" Ochoa said...

Oh Ben Lee can it be true, Zach? Surely he will not away for some lame rupert murdoch show. (although the money must be great, I bet he'll get less pussy.) Will there be any new shows in the latter part of November? Say yes and fill my little heart with glee.
The unusually drunk latin girl missing in action and organizing in a "righ-to-work state. Sigh.

8:02 AM  

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