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Monday, August 22, 2005

Sir Mick and Co.

August 21- Sometimes, especially when one is embarking on a rock ‘n’ roll tour, it’s easy to forget that there’s a war going on a million miles away in a desert country that has a lot of oil. The war has something to do with freedom, terrorists, oil, freedom, and terror. It’s not very rock ‘n’ roll at all, especially if the bad guys win—I’m told they’d like to outlaw music altogether, in addition to high-heeled shoes and internet pornography.

Fortunately for the UK (and the rest of the freedom-loving world), the Queen has installed a fail-proof last line of defense against those who would dare attempt to topple her… This being, of course, the Round Table of everyone’s favorite knights, Sir Mick Jagger, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Sting, and Sir Ringo Starr. Who better to protect us than those who enjoy the fruits of capitalistic freedom the most? (Thank God the rest of us don’t have to cope with such responsibility, it might cramp our good time at Leeds and Reading.)

We’ve just arrived in Brighton from Heathrow, and it’s an unbelievably sunny day. While Sir Jagger and Co. fret about the wellbeing of this Great Nation, we of the Blood Arm party are going to check out the beach and enjoy what is likely to be the only sunshine we’ll see this tour. English friends, we look forward to catching up with you over the next week and a half, and fellow Los Angelenos, we’re equally excited about the first TBA headlining show at the Troubadour on the thirty-first.

Oh! Speaking of the Troubadour show, there was an overwhelming response to the free ticket contest, offering free tickets (of course!) to the first five persons who could name two songs from TBA’s first demo. Zebastian will email the winners as soon as he has a moment to sift through all the responses. For everyone else, the track listing for the demo CDR reads as follows:
1. Bad Timing
2. Tiger of the Talent Show
3. Oh, Vanity! (I’ve Got You Down)
4. A Brilliant Debut

Thank you to everyone who participated! If you missed out this time, email with “mailing list” in the subject line and you’ll never feel lonely again.

Now to the beach!

-Ben Lee


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