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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Win Tickets to Thursday's Show!

We of the Blood Arm posse are firm believers in charity, but we also hold fast to the notion that a little hard work never hurt anybody. Therefore, rather than simply giving away a pair of free tickets to Thursday’s show at the Wiltern with Spoon, we’ve decided to make you sweat a little, then give you some free tickets.

Please consider the following question, then type out a reply in 100 words or less:

In the song Do I Have Your Attention?, who is the Paul Nathaniel is referring to with the lyric "Paul is always looking for love," and why is this Paul so desperate?

The best answer—not necessarily the correct one—will be posted on this diary and win she/he who submits it a pair of tickets to the show, so be creative. Extra credit will be granted to submissions with a clear narrative arc.

All entries must be emailed to by 2pm Wednesday, November 16 to be considered, so hurry!

Good luck and God bless.


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