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Monday, September 17, 2007

Nathaniel Starts New French Renaissance in Southern California; Sings 'Do I Have Your Attention?' in French with Anaïs

When Zachary and I were still in high school together two years ago, one of the requirements for graduation was that we take a class called 'Health.' Health class consisted of horror stories about what happens when one does drugs while having sex before he/she gets married.

Here's an actual question from our final examination:

What happens when you have sex while doing drugs before you get married?

And this was the correct answer:

You get a nasty hybrid of hepatitis, AIDS, and herpes, your parents stop loving you, and you die lonely and hungry with absolutely no hope of salvation from Jesus H. Christ or any other recognized deity.

This is probably why Zachary and I remain virgins to this day--the Orange County high school system terrorized the libido straight out of us.

Of course, Health class also taught us about the 'gateways' that lead to drug-induced premarital fornication, and French Kissing was the leading culprit. Sure, kissing with tongue seems innocent enough, but keep at it and you'll be smoking crack while sandwiched between two Adam Carolla lookalikes in a Turkish bathhouse before you can say "high school never taught me anything!"

So Zachary and I swore off French Kissing and everything else associated with it, and the most obvious thing we could associate with French Kissing was the French. For two years we went without French bread, French toast, French fries, berets, Paris Hilton, and anyone whose first name ended with the letters q-u-e.

Then we met Nathaniel.

Nathaniel not only embraced French Kissing, but he embraced the whole of French society as well. Sure, he had most of the diseases Health class had warned us about, but he also had more fun than anyone we had ever met before, and his parents still loved him, and he had a lot of friends. Before we knew it we were French Kissing Nathaniel in France and other French-ish countries, and the Blood Arm was a real band, and Zachary and I starting thinking about losing our respective virginities while on drugs. This is about where we're at now.

To celebrate the buddings of a Blood Arm Renaissance, Nathaniel went to Paris and recorded a French version of 'Do I Have Your Attention?' with the French pop sensation Anaïs. It's frisky and flirty and all kinds of awesome, just like French Kissing.

Check it out on our MySpace, or just listen along with the adorable making-of video below!

Je t'aime,

Ben Lee Handler

Duo The Blood Arm / Anais: Do I have Your Attention?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHA supa funny
I love it
je t'aime
paris from paris

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well thats one way to ruin a song - well done....time well spent, where's the new album fuckers!!!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous laurence said...

I love this song =)

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

exellent, love this song!! well done TBH & Anais!

1:54 PM  

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