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Monday, December 18, 2006

Friday Show Photos; A Warning of Things to Come

So the show Friday was out of control. Also, fun!

I intended to photodocument the majority of it, but then got drunk and wound up taking pictures of all our friends "so my International lovers can see how beautiful my American ones are." The resulting images are dishearteningly Cobrasnake-esque, only plus a few years, minus the Atkins diet, and a little more EASTSIDE. (There are also a few from our dear friend Jeff's holiday party... Those are all holiday happiness and cheer, with love to spare.)

Check them out HERE.

Coming soon: A long-overdue feature on our beloved Greecian soundman Yannis, each of the Blood Arm posse's Top Things of 2006 lists, and a year-end CONTEST... Stay tuned!

I love you,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I was a Los Angele-tarian-ite

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Lucie/ Lulumovie/ said...

this is an order :

Come in Marseille(or Nice) in France!!!!

i just want you to come in the south of France!!!!!!!! !!!! !!! !

Happy New Year for everybody i wish you a lot of success and Happiness for 2007!!

I lOve you . just answer me :

When will you come in the south of France?

4:06 AM  
Anonymous Lucie/lulumovie said...

hello TBA... it's me again, please answer me on "" or in this blog.

thank u!

i love you all!


3:36 AM  

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