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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Blood Arm Phone Home

On the off-chance you didn't already know, Los Angeles is in trouble tonight. We've been out of town for far too long, and we've a score to settle.

The show is at the Echo. There are still a few tickets available here.

Get there by 9pm or so, as the Ettes are supporting, and they're not to be missed. (Also, we haven't seen you in more than two months, for Chrissakes.)

I've missed you,

Ben Lee Handler

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Blogger Angie-Pangie said...

I want to cometo the show damn it! Fuck you all in LA, wont someone just lick a stamp and slap it on my arse and mail me over their for the night....or two...or ten. Come get loose in Australia, ya know ya wanna.

Eternaly jelouse of LA peanut butter mother fuckers xxx Angie

5:58 AM  

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