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Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh, Marriage

The wife and I are totally in love with Kenny Beans and Keith Boadwee (a.k.a. Grandmaster B of the Blood Arm, a.k.a. GBOTBAAKATAFKAKB).

Is it legal for one married couple to marry another married couple? If so, we formally propose to KB and KB. If illegal, we informally propose. Either way, you're all invited to the party.

It's taking place this Saturday, December 10 from 6-8pm at the LightBox. GBOTBAAKATAFKAKB and I will DJing, performing, and showing the video we made this weekend. Art will be displayed, the booze will flow freely, and you needn't open your wallet the whole evening (everything is free, save for the art).

Seeing as how the Blood Arm won't be performing again till 2006, you've got a lot of time to kill... Might as well celebrate with us. (We're registered at Macy's, Pottery Barn, and BevMo.)

See you Saturday!

-Ben Lee


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