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Friday, December 09, 2005


Surprising as it may seem, we here at BLOOD AMBITION 2005 occasionally make mistakes. (See, there was one just now... BLOOD AMBITION 2005 is, save for the column by Dyan, the work of one man. Myself. I just typed “we here at BLOOD AMBITION 2005.” BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets the error.)

Other snafus requiring mend:

•The phrase What Is Really Going On?, or WIRGO?, is the intellectual property of one Mr. David Kleiler—author, indie-rock figurehead, myspace enthusiast, director of TBA’s video for ‘Say Yes’, and all-around genius. WIRGO? is a state of mind, which is better illuminated here than I could ever hope to accomplish. BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets its failure to duly note this fact in the December 2 entry.

•In February, I wrote of a movie entitled Transmission, starring Randy Quaid. The film is actually named Frequency, and stars Dennis Quaid, not Randy. BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets the error while noting that Randy is, in fact, the more talented actor. lists The Corrections as being authored by yours truly. This is incorrect. Jonathan Franzen wrote the book. BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets this error, but accepts no responsibility for its occurrence.

•This morning, upon waking and glancing into the mirror, I saw Viggo Mortensen staring back. In reality, it was not the Lord of the Rings hunk, but my own reflection. BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets this error, but implores the reader to understand the mistake. He and I look exactly alike.

•The foul smells emanating from The Blood Arm’s dressing room at the Wiltern show on November 17th were not the product of BLOOD AMBITION 2005’s inefficient digestive tract, as was insinuated by those who fled in horror and nausea. It was Zach. I swear. BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets this error, and demands that the accusers apologize immediately.

•A “corrections” column is also appearing on the We Are Scientists site as the very words you are now reading are typed into my computer. BLOOD AMBITION 2005 regrets this coincidence, questions whether it is a coincidence at all, and hopes the We Are Scientists burn in hell for stealing my idea before I even had a chance to think it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah Ben, you are truly one of a kind.

or is it, one-of-a-kind?

either way, you know what I'm trying to say.

PS Did you come out on Chpt. 3 of R.Kelly's videos? I could have sworn I saw your face.

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:24 AM  
Blogger BLOOD AMBITION 2006 said...

anonymous #1 - i would type the phrase as "one-of-a-kind," as the four words together are intended as a single adjective. however, others disagree (, specifically).

i don't remember performing with r. kelley at any point in time, but then i drink a lot.

anonymous #2 - the DC-1100 would be better fitted for the meter saw... if i were planning on cutting wood.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love anonymous #1

5:45 PM  

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