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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Holding Steady on the Flight to NYC

May 15, 2006

I live a charmed life. For one, I get paid to act like an ass in front of thousands of people, which happens to be the one thing I’m good at. Also, whenever something bad happens to me, the bad thing winds up being better than the good thing that I initially assumed the bad thing was taking the place of. Take our airplane flight tonight for example:

Zachary and I were seated on opposite sides of the row, and we wished we were sitting next to each other. Zachary asked the gentleman sitting next to him, Please sir, can you trade seats with my friend? The gentleman, however, was seated in an aisle row, and he preferred this to sitting next to the window, so he did not trade with me. So I asked the gentleman, the tall, Jim Carrey-ish gentleman assigned the aisle seat next to my assigned window seat if he would trade with Zachary. The man declined, claiming the aisle seat better suited his freakishly tall stature.

I was sad. I thought, who does this freakishly tall, Jim Carrey-ish man assigned the seat next to me think he is, denying Zachary the seat that he was supposed to sit in, regardless of what his ticket says. I also thought, this is going to be a really long and awkward flight, as this freakishly tall, Jim Carrey-ish man seated next to me—in the seat Zachary is supposed to be sitting in—probably knows I loathe him.

Then the man spoke. He said, please do not loathe me for not trading seats with your friend, I am just a freakishly tall, Jim Carrey-ish man who cannot fold his body into a window seat.

The excuse sounded fair enough, plus it was kind of funny, so I decided to give him a chance. We got to talking. It turns out the freakishly tall, Jim Carrey-ish fellow assigned the seat next to me was the drummer for the Hold Steady on their first two records, before he quit due to his wife and baby. (Babies—not rock ‘n’ roll.) Now he works in advertising, making ads about talking cookies. So in addition to being a hip, funny, non-smelly drummer, the guy also worked with talking cookies. Way cooler than Zachary, basically. I live a charmed life.

Later in the evening, Zebastian, Zachary, and I met up with our good friends Steph Sun, Marc, and Michael Tapper (the hip, funny, non-smelly drummer of the We Are Scientists) in Williamsburg and drank a lot. Tomorrow is our first show with the Charlatans at Webster Hall. Stay tuned for how it goes.

(Not The End.)


Blogger boadwee blog said...

ben lee, please read boadwee blog today. wait, i'm grandmaster b of the blood arm. why don't i get to go on the road. hmmm, not feeling so great about that. i miss you already. oh yeah, read boadwee blog today, you get a vague mention, oh, okay, it's all about you, that's what you want to hear isn't it? did i tell you that rabid franz fans forced me to take down pics of nick mccarthy? i started getting 300 hits a day and figured something was wrong, then they all got pissed off cause i took them down but i tried to explain that my blog is mostly for me and my little ole friends, blah, blah, blah... xo gbotbaotafkakb

3:59 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

Holla Ben Lee! We at LightBox are already missing you madly but certainly looking forward to your posts. Zach Wollard paintings arrived on Monday. They are so awesome! If you want to have a look at one that will be in the show in June, just west of Webster Hall is 382 West Broadway. There you will find a show called "25 Bold Moves." Our friend Simon Watson is the curator for the House of Campari and has included Zach Wollard's work amongst some other emerging NYC artists. Check out Nicloe Eisenman's show at Leo Konig in Chelsea. New art is the best cure for a hangover, just take a couple of asprin, drink plenty of water and eat nothing but ice cream all day long. Alohas.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BenLee, I am so proud of you and the blood arm. I miss you all so much. Tonight is my last night in London. Yesterday I got to hang with FF, and they send their love to the blood arms. I also got to meet Celia, an artist in the upcoming lightbox show and FF girlfriend, she is a sweetheart. I am sad to leave London. I will miss all the wonderful Londoners who have been so kind to me, especially Karen, but I am even sadder that you won't be there when I get home. But you are so fantastic that there is enough of you to share. have a good show in D.C.

kate baicy

9:41 AM  

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