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Monday, April 24, 2006

Drawing Penis

Fun fact: An inordinate amount of web-surfers happen into this site via a Yahoo! search for the term "penis drawings."

The most baffling part about this is that BLOOD AMBITION 2006 is the tenth page listed in the aforementioned search. Does this mean that those who have found their way here through that particular Yahoo! query have browsed the nine sites listed before this one? Do they stop here, or do they continue to leaf through the other 899,000 pages listed in the search?

Yahoo! searchers of the world, please help me out! If you came here looking for penis-drawing related content, am I providing any relevant information? How can I better serve you? Please leave any requests/questions/critiques in the comment section below. (That this page is listed in the search at all is not a mystery, as I wrote an entry on the tendency of backstage graffiti artists to explore the genre of cartoon penises a while back. Read it here.)

And while we're on the topic of penis drawings, you may have noticed two new additions to the "TBA APPROVED BROWSING" section on the right side of this page. The Moko is an excellent London-based exploration of all things candy, and A Blog Called Nowhere is New York artist Nicole Eisenman's journal, which is totally overflowing with awesome. Enjoy!

-Ben Lee

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