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Monday, May 15, 2006

I Like All the Girls...

The video for 'Suspicious Character' is "in the can," as they say in the biz. (In certain non-showbiz circles, "the can" is a euphemism for "toilet." We do not run in those circles. In fact, the circles we run-in are so bizzy with show that if we ever hear someone refer to a toilet as a can, we go on the sidewalk, just to make a point. Our cans are only for finished music videos, for christ's sake!) In a different can--one that is specifically marked for BLOOD AMBITION contests--is the poster-interpretation competition. (So I lied when I said our cans are only for finished music videos, shoot me.) Nicole Eisenman (aka Corny) is the winner. We will hand-deliver her prizes in Philadelphia, which include free admission to the show. (Someone else will hand her the free admission.)

Now, if my clock is correct (and my clock is correct), we will be leaving for New York in a few hours. I will update this blog as frequently as possible with tales of decadence and debauchery from the road, and also stories of the everyday hardships, like teeth-brushing. (To be honest, Dyan is the only one of who really does that sort of thing. We boys are lovers, not teeth-brushers. Other everyday things we generally forget to do: bathe.)

I should probably say goodbye and pack some clothes to bring along.

I love you all,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two questions:

1)When shall the single be available in the UK?

2)Why aren't the Blood Arm returning to Cardiff on this tour? Admittedly, the turn-out last time was rather dire, but I'd promise to bring lots of friends this time. And if that isn't persuasive enough, I think you guys need to see castles. Loads of them. And Wales happens to have quite a few.

I apologise for beginning two sentences with a conjunction and thank you for your time.

9:11 AM  

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