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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Suicide Attempt, Album Details

So discouraging it is to lose 1,200 words of one’s typing in a computer crash… It’s enough to force a man to stick his head in the oven, turn the knob to 400 degrees (Fahrenheit) and blow out the pilot light… Then, after discovering himself to be impervious to the presumed-to-be-lethal effects of inhaling excessive amounts of natural gas, sit down at his rebooted computer and begin typing again, a little dizzy, but otherwise okay…

The entry for today initially detailed my favorite exchange between Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider’s characters in the film Last Tango in Paris, with added highlights via hyperlinks of my own insertion—a la my reinterpretation of a Larkin poem—without changing any of the text! (“It’s like a pop-up book for the new generation,” I explained to my children, then demonstrated by clicking from Brando’s I’m gonna have the pig fuck you line to a web-based picture illustrating Porky Pig. They ooohed and aaahed and clapped and giggled.)

Instead, in light of my crashing computer and subsequently thwarted suicide attempt (an omen?), I offer you this news of the Blood Arm’s new album, Master of Ceremonies (not the real title): The band takes to the studio this Friday to begin recording demos for the sixteen songs in-contention for slots on the record. Crowd-favorite “Suspicious Character” (I like all the girls/ All the girls like me) is among the slate being demo-ed. Ariel Rechtshaid (of We Are Scientists and Foreign Born album credits) and David Kleiler (“Say Yes” video Director and member of seminal American Indie-rock act the Volcano Suns) will share production duties, and Zachary will show-off his chops on the saxophone.

For your viewing enjoyment, I will attempt to photodocument some of the studio ongoings in the near future, and we are all actively encouraging Dyan to set pen-to-paper and contribute the daily studio nitty-gritty to BLOOD AMBITION 2006. (Dyan requires a lot of encouragement to write anything for this diary, and any assistance—e.g. the kind words of reading parties—will be greatly appreciated.)

In the meantime, my house is beginning to reek of gas—it seems I have forgotten to reignite the oven pilot. I must set about fixing this before a spark of some sort ends this blog prematurely…

-Ben Lee

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Anonymous stacey said...

Dyan please please write us and let us know what those boys are up to. We're dying to hear of the new and inventive ways in which you're keeping those guys in line. Since we lost our very own UK Di in tragic circumstances several years ago we've been desperate to find another to replace as 'queen of hearts' TM

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Master Of Ceremonies would be an ACE album title :-)

11:18 AM  
Blogger BLOOD AMBITION 2006 said...

amen andy. amen.

10:22 PM  

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