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Friday, December 23, 2005

Dyan's Highlights and Lowlights of 2005

From Dyan:

Some highlights of 2005, in no particular order…

Worst tour luck: We were scheduled to play London ULU and the London Barfly in the same night, meaning that we had to sound check at the Barfly in the early afternoon and then pack up all of our stuff and race across town to sound check at ULU, then play a show at ULU and race back to play a show at the Barfly. Right after we rushed through our Barfly sound check and started carrying our amps and instruments down the stairs, I went to unlock the van. As I turned the key, I felt it snap in half…it was our only key.

Best tour luck: As we sat on the curb next to all of our gear (which we couldn’t put into the locked van) panicking about getting to the ULU show, our miracle-working tour manager Michael Quinn disappeared into thin air, reappearing ten minutes later with a brand new key made up by a mysterious locksmith around the corner who was able to make an exact key for the van WITHOUT even looking at the lock. The day was saved. Michael is magic.

Coldest I’ve ever been (not just this year, but ever): London in February. Trudging through the snow (yes – snow) in heels and a cocktail dress is NOT fun.

Best party: Ben Lee’s Renaissance-Talent-Show-themed birthday party. All of the talent show performers were incredible, but Zebastian upstaged everyone with his costume.

Speaking of Zebastian, second coldest I’ve ever been: driving back from Texas in the middle of the night with Zebastian at the wheel, blasting the air conditioner and Christian-country radio so that he wouldn’t doze off (supposedly).

David Bowie album of the year: Diamond Dogs

David Bowie costumes of the year: Zombie Stardust and Jareth the Goblin King.

Favorite new TV show: Run’s House.

Favorite old TV show: SNL (the OC would have won, but what is going on with this season? I mean, really…)

Biggest culinary accomplishment: Baking a vanilla/fresh strawberry layer cake FROM SCRATCH! Maybe baking is the new cooking.

Other favorite 1950s housewife hobby: knitting.

Funniest thing I saw all year:

Happy New Year!


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