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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Handsome Dan Treated Poorly

What is it about polo shirts with the word "SECURITY" printed on them that transforms the wearer into an utter asshole? As soon as the band took the stage at the Echo last evening, our good friend Handsome Dan was grabbed by his neck and dragged out of the venue by a short and steroided fellow donning a SECURITY tee. Shortly thereafter, the same man violently shoved three girls out of his path, apparently in a run to stop people from dancing too passionately. Before he could complete his desired task, however, he was sidetracked by our friend Tyson's middle finger waving somewhere on the outer edge of his peripheral vision. Interpreting this as a threat to his manhood, the short man switched directives, throttled Tyson against a wall, then literally carried him out of the club. The man even forced Nathaniel back onto the stage during one of his jaunts into the audience.

If people are out of hand, breaking bottles, endangering others and damaging a club's property, the use of force is completely understandable. Last night, however, all I saw was people dancing and having a good time. (The audience was packed with typically crazy, yet good-natured Los Angeles TBA fans: Handsome, smartly dressed kids shaking their asses like nobody's business.) Maybe Mr. Security had a bad day. Maybe he's angry about being short. Maybe he's just an asshole. I suspect the latter.

Now it's morning and we set sail for the UK in a few hours. Anyone seen my passport?

-Ben Lee

Oh... Afterparties! As of this moment, Leeds, Glasgow and Liverpool are party towns. (Hopefully we'll be able to swing something in Nottingham as well, but nothing is scheduled yet.)The parties will start shortly after the shows, and the band plus very special guests will DJ. We'll have loads of free stuff to give away as well. Admission is free if you RSVP to with your name (and your guest's names) in the body of the email and your town in the subject line.

The dates:

May 10- Leeds @ the Faversham (Show is at Joseph's Well)
May 11- Glasgow @ the Sub Club (Show is at the Barfly)
May 15- Liverpool @ the Barfly (Show is in main room, party in a side room)

RSVP early!


Anonymous Andy said...

No party in Manchester? :-(

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say TBA stop playing there altogether. I never forgave them for kicking out the sharp ease. something stinks to high heaven over there.

8:41 AM  

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