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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Brief Summary of Our First U.S. Tour

The following is a brief synopsis of our U.S. tour with the Charlatans. To read more about any of the detailed days, simply click on the highlighted title.

-Holding Steady on the Flight to NYC: In which we fly to New York City, and I make a special friend.

-Webster Hall... and Twins!: In which Zachary introduces the reader to our transportation for the U.S. Tour, and we are introduced to the Charlatans at Webster Hall. Also, a celebrity guest.

-The Blood Arm Party Pants: In which Zachary, Nathaniel, and myself star in a hilarious video in Washington D.C.

-Washington D.C. - it's Paradise to Me...: In which we familiarize ourselves with our nation's capital.

-From Philly to the Hershey Highway: In which Vampires, Philly Cheese Steaks, and the Hershey Chocolate Factory are visited and discussed.

-Border Penetration: In which we visit the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, visit the Niagara Falls, then cross into the Canadian border to party with the Charlatans.

-There Can Only Be One: In which we are harassed by the American Border Patrol and lose a minivan.

-Chicago Knows How to Party: In which we learn that Chicago knows how to party, discuss the possibilities of black-tar heroin abuse in a peculiar shower and visit with Tyson Thurston of Head of Femur and Magical Beautiful.

-Purple Rain, Purple Rain...: In which we get in touch with our inner Princes, Dyan takes us on a tour of the Purple Rain venue, the Blood Arm's t-shirts are modeled, and we party at a gay bar.

-Beautiful Country: In which Zebastian and the van become inseparable.

-Mount Rushmore: In which we acquaint ourselves with the Mountain of Rush.

-Denver?! I Don't Even Know Her!!: In which we become friendly with the Denver Police.

-Salt Lake City: In which we win a gun on the radio, and drive home following a surprising good show.

Now we are off to the U.K.! Stay tuned for more stories from the road!

-Ben Lee


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