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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Chicago Knows How to Party

May 24, 2006

Now we are in the Vic Theater in Chicago.

Nathaniel and I exploit the Internet for your blog-reading pleasure.

The Vic Theater has the handiest restroom backstage.

There is a urinal next to a chair, next to a shower. The above is Dyan's photographic interpretation of what might happen with this setup.

Other things that might happen:


-French tickles

-Shower enemas


-Black-tar heroin abuse

-Black-tar heroin enemas


Also, we partied with our dear friend Tyson Thurston of Head of Femur and Magical Beautiful. He is Magical Beautiful.

The show was the best of the tour yet.

Tonight we drive to Minneapolis.

(And if you haven't noticed already, the website has been redesigned.)

Missing you horribly,

Ben Lee


Blogger Julie said...

Ben, I think you are clearly aware of your awesomeness, but let me reiterate it. Denise had a wonderful time in Chicago and I can't thank you enough. Cleveland is now a dark, lonely place again since the Blood Arm has left, and I shall pine for your return. Much love...

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Magical, Beautiful said...

Benjamin, you did not get clearance for that photo. Why don't you use the sexy one of me where you look kinda retarded?

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enjoyed your chicago show. Come back to Chicago soon .

10:49 AM  

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