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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mount Rushmore

May 27, 2006

Black Hills, South Dakota is like Las Vegas in that it probably wouldn’t exist if not for a person who was totally insane. Both cities are in the middle of nowhere and offer little natural reason for anyone to visit or live in their respective locations. However, where Bugsy Siegel’s Las Vegan vision entailed a casino in the middle of the desert, Gutzon Borglum’s dream for Black Hills was all about carving massive busts of former American Presidents into the granite hills of the South Dakota plains. Obviously, their crazy ambitions are where the men's similarities end. Las Vegas is the City of Sin; Black Hills is the City of Wholesome, Patriotic, Family Fun.

The City of Black Hills portends to be an old-fashioned gold mining town (which, in fact, it used to be) in that all the shops have saloon-style swinging doors, hand-carved wooden signs, and long, wooden porches connecting them all together. Only now, instead of offering moonshine, prostitutes, and mining gear, most of the storefronts are gift shops, and most of the gifts offered in the gift shops are trinkets emblazoned with the only reason for these places' existence: Mount Rushmore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to share that we of the Blood Arm posse had a healthy dose of Wholesome, Patriotic, Family Fun this afternoon, and it was totally awesome.

Other wholesome family entertainment ventures we drove past in Black Hills:

- A giant maze

- Goats on a bridge

- A reptile museum

- Magical caves

- A buffalo

Tomorrow we head into Denver, and Dyan, Zebastian, and I finish watching the first season of 24 in the back seat of our minivan.

Has anyone else noticed that i look exactly like Nina Myers?


Ben Lee


Blogger boadwee blog said...

i haven't noticed that you look like nina myers but i have noticed that you're rocking your "coachella" look again. i'm officially calling those pants your "festival shorts".

wow, just googled nina myers. you look EXACTLY LIKE NINA MYERS IN FESTIVAL SHORTS.

p.s. the "SAY YES" video is up on BOADWEE BLOG right now!!
p.p.s.i'm seeing michael tapper when he rolls into town tuesday. we're going to hang out. i WON'T be photoshopping images of the other guys in WAS and showing them to him. just so you know.

XO boadwee

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there was once an sat reading about gutzon borglum and how he was a grand wizard of the kkk. it was kinda of disturbing and made me vow to never visit mount rushmore. several years later, i have kept my vow. however, i am slowly getting over it and might visit sometime. perhaps next year.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're much better looking than Nina.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Kath said...

You guys ROCKED the Gothic in Denver tonite! Kick ass show and I'm glad I got the last 2 CD's.

Good luck in the UK!

ps- much cuter than Nina Myers will ever be.

11:55 PM  

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