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Monday, June 16, 2008

Q: Are We Still Alive? A: YES. (Figuratively.)

Listen! News!

We are going on a mini-tour with our mini-friends whom we love a lot, even if they are small in stature (though not in the pants). (Their pants are quite large.) One friend is called the We Are Scientists, and the other friend is called Cut Off Your Hands.

These are dates you'll remember, never before and never since, I promise:

(Click on a venue for tickets.)

July 1, The El Rey (Los Angeles).

July 2, The Casbah (San Diego).

July 3, The Glass House (Pomona).

There are new songs being written for a new album, which is exciting.

In the mean time--and the nice time, too--let us remember all the books we've ever read and judge them harshly. Come on, good read with us!

Love you long time,

Ben Lee + The Blood Arm

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