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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Blood Arm: As American As Apple Pie, Baseball, Chevrolet...

We of The Blood Arm posse love baseball, but to physically engage in the sport requires a certain level of coordination, athleticism, and anabolic steroid abuse--three things we decidedly lack. This is why MLB '08: The Show is such a godsend; we can get our fill of our nation's pastime virtually, and the only performance enhancers it requires are a kick-ass soundtrack (it comes standard with the game!) and occasional below-the-belt joystick action from our bandmates (also standard with the game!). Check out the preview:

We are particularly honored that they used 'Suspicious Character' for the trailer, as the soundtrack also features such luminaries as The Ramones, Thin Lizzy, Franz Ferdinand, and ZZ Top. The Blood Arm: just a breath away from the canon!

I love you more than Miss American Pie,

Ben Lee Handler

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