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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh! You Weary Pointer Fingers!

In case you were too busy to go down far enough on our last post to see the new video for The Blood Arm's Do I Have Your Attention? duet with Anais, here it is again, scroll-free this time!

Also, Nathaniel has been keeping a blog for his AAnchors AAweigh project--now featuring Dyan and the best parts of The Ettes and Tall Hands!--at! Czech that shit out!

Peace in the Middle East.

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Blogger Matthew said...

Can someone please leave the lyrics for this song just as they're sung, with the English parts in English and the French parts in French? Thanks

9:35 PM  
Blogger BLOOD AMBITION 2007 said...

We'll have to ask Anaïs... as of now, no American has transliterated the French bits! You're probably best off getting your Au Pair or some sort of dilletante or maître d' to do it for you, though, 'cause our favorite French pop star is somewhat elusive. Best of luck!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

I figured it out...

Ou ou ou ou ou ou ou
Ou ou ou ou ou
Tra la li la la la

Here we are
without a deck of cards.
I tried so hard to disregard the questions,
dodge the past, and make every moment last
You're looking for new ways to misbehave
And though I know it's all a game
I like to gamble, every thing away

Do I have your attention ?
Do I have your attention?
Do I have your attention right now?

Alors ca y est emballer
C’est peser tu veux me quitter
A moins que non
Je ne comprends jamais rien de toute façon.
Si c’est pour me rendre jalouse
Ce sera seulement la douzième fois,
Que tu me fais un truc comme ça
Mais j’avoue j’adore ça.

Je t’en supplie regarde moi
Je t’en supplie regarde moi
Peut être ne t’es je pas dis
Que je ne crois pas que ce soit fini

Hey, Anaïs
Wanna tell you bout some some friends of mine
Oh je je ne comprends pas l’anglais
Sorry, désolé

Karina's at the cinema
Paul is always looking for love,
nobody notices 'til to someone explodes
Jimmy says I'll kiss and everyone,
well I’m just wondering if all my friends are criminals, swindlers and cons.

Do I have your Attention?
Je t’en supplies regarde moi
Did I fail to mention
I want you to see me.

Hun, hun
Hun, hun

Tu triches
Pour ne pas s’aimer au fond
Tu transformes tous mes oui en nan

Mais quand on danse ça tremble
Quand on s’embrasse en face
D’un beau soleil
Il y a une avalanche
et je repars couverte de neige

Come on girl, one last time
let me know you're still alive
Let me know that it's not all in vain.

Je t’en prie regarde moi,
Je t’en supplie regarde moi,
Did I fail to mention this situation is a mess?

Come on baby, regarde moi
Right now
Not yet, not yet, not yet
Not yet, not yet, not yet
But I can try it again.

11:11 AM  
Blogger BLOOD AMBITION 2007 said...

C'est bon! C'est bon!

8:50 AM  

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