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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hank Schmidt in der Beek: AWESOME -or- How We Landed Our Tour with The Hold Steady and Art Brut

Apologies for being silent all these years, or months, or however long it's been. I wish I could say my lack of current updates has been because I've been terribly busy, but I haven't. My absence probably has more to do with my recent discovery of than anything. (YouPorn: It's like YouTube, but with pornography!) I probably wouldn't even be typing now had I not happened into Hank Schmidt in der Beek.

Meet Hank:

Hank is very important.

Take a moment to get a little better acquainted with him.

You know how you have your AWESOME days, where everything that happens is just TOTALLY AWESOME? Like, your hair is rockin', you got plenty of sleep the night before, you just did your laundry so you can wear your favorite pair of jeans with that Madonna t-shirt you finally rediscovered after years of thinking your mom had thrown it in the garbage but she had really just put in that drawer you never open, the rockabilly kid you always thought was cool but were slightly afraid of invites you to his party and you build up enough guts to ask your crush to come with you and she says yes... those kind of days? Those kind of days happen, like, once every four years for most people. Most of the time, an ordinary person's time on earth will fluctuate between slightly awesome and completely shitty, usually lingering somewhere in the gray area in-between.

Hank never lives in the gray area. Hank's days are AWESOME ALL THE TIME. If you're ever lucky enough to hang out with Hank, a little of his AWESOME will rub off on you, too.

Case in point: The very day we met Hank, The Blood Arm were flown to France to tape a performance on TARATATA with Anaïs and Babyshambles, and our upcoming stint on the U.S. leg of the NME's Rock 'n'Roll Riot Tour 2007 with The Hold Steady and Art Brut was announced. TOTALLY AWESOME, right?

And we owe it all to Hank Schmidt in der Beek.

I've missed you, but now that I've found my muse, we won't have to be apart for long. (Hank has also assumed the role of my muse.)

Love you always,

Ben Lee Handler

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Anonymous Jonathan said...

youporn! amazing! thanks ben.

hot interracial cum shots here I come! i want to meet hot singles in Glasgow?....SURE!.....can you send us money and we'll get back to you?... OF COURSE! oh brave new world that has such people in it!

9:10 AM  

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